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X-men and all associated characters, events and realities belong to Marvel. Harry Potter and all associated characters, events and realities belong to J.K.Rowling. I don't make any money of it. 

All the contents of this site which don't suit to the disclaimer above and the authorship of which isn't mentioned specially, as well as this site's design, are Saint-Olga's intellectual property.

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My short X-men stories in English lower on this page are loaded. In the next update there will be my unfinished X-men story "The Bridge" and Harry Potter minific "His Robe". Saint-Olga

Site info:

This site is mostly devoted to my activities in different fandoms - currently they are X-men and Harry Potter, though I have one WIP for fandom "Pirates of the Caribbean". My favorite characters are: Remy LeBeau aka Gambit in "X-men" and Severus Snape in "Harry Potter". (And Jack Sparrow in PotC, of course!) I write, draw and translate. Please take a note that I write, draw and translate SLASH (except for rare occasions), and you have read about it in warning, so please don't be disturbed. 

Lower on this page there are several stories I have written in English. Other my works are in Russian, and if you wish, you can find them in Fanfiction, Original and Essays sections. Also you may have a look at FanArt section, and Links&Recs, as there are links to English sites and recs of English fics.  




The Beauty and Beast

Fandom X-men. Gambit/Beast


Dusk till Dawn

Fandom X-men. Remy/Logan


Two or One

Fandom X-men. Remy/Sinister